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  • Mark Andy Digital Label Press – Digital One

    A digital label press designed to free up capacity on high output flexo presses, and bring greater efficiency to fast turnaround work. Built specifically for short run prime labels, Mark Andy Digital One makes digital printing more accessible to narrow-web converters.

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  • Rhyguan LG-330TT – Servo Driven Die Cutter Slitter Rewinder Blank Label

    Servo Driven Die Cutter Slitter Rewinder

    Servo driven full rotary die cutter machine for blank label only. Higher accuracy and speed up to max 120meters/min,slitter with turret rewinder

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  • Harper Corporation XDW™ Anilox Roll

    The XDW™ engraving was developed for heavy pigment inks and coatings. These engravings deliver the highest opacity white inks and smooth lay down  by utilizing customized digital graphic format.

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  • Grafisk Maskinfabrik DC330FB

    Combination Print Finishing

    The powerful combination of semi-rotary die cutting, flatbed screen-printing and a 30 ton pressure heavy duty stamping and hot foil unit, makes even complex labels easy to run. The tooling cost is very low and most tools can be made locally or in-house. Existing tooling for older flatbed equipment can be reused. If you disable the flatbed units, the line cab produce normal industrial labels with flexo, lamination, cold foiling and semi-rotary die cutting at up to 45 m/min ( can be increased to 65 m/min with Productivity Pack).

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  • GEW E2C UV/LED Curing System

    GEW’s E2C is the most powerful low energy UV curing system for narrow web presses.

    The E2C UV curing system with RHINO electronic power supply takes curing of inks and coatings to new levels of productivity and print run security. The E2C-RHINO systems use substantially less energy. They enable colour process printing at full production speed with as little power as 90 W/cm (230W/inch).

    E2C UV curing systems are safe for the widest range of heat-sensitive materials with no heat transfer to the machine or substrate at stand-by through the use of actively air cooled shutter technology.

    E2C systems are available with inert atmosphere curing. They can easily be upgraded to LED curing by using the same RHINO ArcLED electronic power supply.

    Where alternative products exploit conventional curing technologies that often neglect energy monitoring, GEW state of the art UV systems implement advanced UV lamphead technology associated with the most energy efficient power supplies. E2C RHINO systems come with the additional benefit of a comprehensive 5-year warranty unique in its industry.

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  • Flexomaid AEROMAID A2

    The AEROMAIDTM system from FLEXOMAIDTM uses state-of-the-art air-stream technology to provide extraordinarily efficient, non-abrasive and contact-free cleaning that is safe for all your rolls. You’ll get the peace of mind only consistently reliable results can give.

    Size (Narrow web)

    Cleaning Length: Up to 736mm (29 in)
    Shaft Length: Up to 1041 mm (41 in)

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  • Flexo Concepts TruPoint Orange Doctor Blade

    Nothing represents Flexo Concepts innovation like our TruPoint Orange Doctor Blades. Developed in our Innovation Lab, TruPoint Orange doctor blades outperform traditional steel doctor blades in virtually every category; with longer life, enhanced precision, significantly reduced anilox wear and scoring, increased safety, and much more. At one time, steel doctor blades were the only option capable of providing the fine, consistent contact area necessary to meter high anilox line screens effectively.  Thanks to the next generation advanced polymer material, combined with MicroTip technology, TruPoint Orange is a safe alternative doctor blade that competes with steel.

    The TruPoint Orange doctor blade is also known to combat UV ink spitting, and has been HD Flexo Certified by Esko! Try the next generation doctor blade for yourself

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  • Enercon Corona Treatment: CoronaFlex™

    Improving ink adhesion has never been easier with the new CoronaFlex™ corona treater. It is specifically designed for high speed flexographic presses and versatile digital printing applications.

    Corona treaters increase the surface energy of label stock to improve wettability and adhesion of inks and adhesives.

    CoronaFlex™ offers OEMs and printers powerful and reliable corona treatment through a compact footprint, intuitive operator interface and industry leading application expertise.

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  • KTI MTR Series Turret Rewinder

    • Increased production speeds and durability with a motion based control system for precise high speed indexing of the turret, resulting in improved roll edge quality
    • Optional fully automated core loading and roll removal
    • High speed PLC processor – provides precise control over high speed functions
    • Large 10” HMI allows easy operator access to multiple machine functions and parameters, optional movable pendant arm with control screen
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  • Rotoflex VLI Slitter Rewinder

    Label Slitter and Rewinder

    The Rotoflex VLI is a premier inspection, slitting and rewind system with expanded capabilities for more advanced applications and high-speed production. It is ideal for film, film packaging and other tension-sensitive materials. The VLI can be configured to meet a full range of applications and substrates.

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  • Amut Bielloni Axsa ST

    Stack model, suitable for printing on different colours combinations on industrial sacks and paper

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  • Harper Scientific Shield-Pro™

    SHIELD-PRO™ Protective Roll Covers for Sleeve Anilox Rolls.

    Shield-Pro™ SLIT is specially designed for all rollers and sleeves where installation on the Anilox roll on press is required. Shield-Pro™ UN-SLIT is specially designed for installation from the end of a sleeve when it is in service configuration for removal and or changing.

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