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  • Cooling Options for MAGPOWR Clutches and Brakes

    Used under slip conditions, MAGPOWR Clutches and Brakes generate significant heat that must be dissipated. Often, that heat is dispersed via that model’s convection cooling ability. If the application exceeds the dissipation capacity of a convection cooled model, additional heat dissipation capacity can be achieved through the addition of MAGPOWR’s forced air or water cooled options. The addition of these accessories can increase the heat dissipation capacity by 300-500 percent.

    FORCED AIR COOLED: The air hood and blower assembly is a pre-assembled shroud that forces air from the blower through the clutch or brake. Forced air-cooling is particularly useful on applications having a low RPM unit. Factory assembled units with this option are designated by the letter “A” after the model number.

    WATER COOLED: In these units water is forced into the hollow rotor through a tube in the shaft and is returned through the shaft to the special water fitting or coupling. Water-cooled clutches and brakes are designated by the letter “W” after the model number. Water fittings must be ordered separately.

    FORCED AIR & WATER COOLED: The Forced Air and Water Cooled combo on a MAGPOWR unit gives maximum heat dissipation capacity. Factory assembled units with both options are designated by the letters “WA.”

    OVERSPEED CONTROL: An additional option to these cooling methods on rewinds is to use the ‘inverse diameter’ option available with some of our open loop and closed loop controllers. The controllers limit overspeed and thus heat as a rewind roll grows in diameter and the rpm slows.

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  • MAGPOWR Foot Mounted Magnetic Particle Clutch

    Given the scores of variables associated with any web processing operation, the last thing you want to worry about is a clutch. Thanks to the reliability and long life of the MAGPOWR C Series Magnetic Particle Clutch, an operator can mount this component, set it up and forget it. This magnetic particle clutch is cost-effective and provides silent operation, making it ideal for cycling and overload applications.

    This component features magnetic particles located inside the clutch between the O.D. of the rotor and the I.D. of the drive cylinder. With no current in the coil of this device, the particles are free to lie loosely between the rotor and the drive cylinder. When current is applied to the coil, it sets up a magnetic field in the stator. The magnetic particles line up with the magnetic field and couple the rotor to the drive cylinder. As the current is increased, the magnetic field increases and the coupling (or torque capacity) increases proportionally.

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  • MAGPOWR Global Series Clutches

    State-of-the-art magnetic particle technology featuring the latest materials and components, modern manufacturing techniques and a sleek design. MAGPOWR’s Global Series Clutches gives you all that and more.

    Smooth controllable torque, torque repeatability and torque independent of speed make these clutches suitable for many power transmission and tensioning applications. Long life is assured by polished seal surfaces, high temperature materials and rugged, compact construction.

    The clutch consists of two rotating members: the inner member is the rotor (output member, mounted on a rotating shaft) and the outer rotating member is the housing assembly (input member, driven by a gear, pulley or sprocket attached to the mounting rabbet provided on the side of the clutch housing). No couplings, mounting feet or other attachments are required, since the clutch becomes an integral part of your machine.

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  • MAGPOWR B-7V and B-20V Vertical Magnetic Particle Brakes

    Unlike other magnetic particle brakes, a horizontal axis is not required for shafts utilizing MAGPOWR’s B-7V & B-20V Vertical Magnetic Particle Brakes, thanks in particular to the unit’s disk-shaped rotor. Other brakes sport cylindrical designs, requiring a horizontal shaft axis. The B-7V & B-20V operate with the axis vertical, horizontal, or at any other required angle—the space between the rotor and the two sides is filled with magnetic particles, so the unit can be operated in any orientation.

    MAGPOWR’s B-7V & B-20V Vertical Magnetic Particle brakes, made of rugged cast iron for long life, are easy to install and have minimal moving parts, requiring very little installation and calibration. These brakes assist in smooth, repeatable torque that is proportional to current, and applications include tensioning of film rolls on vertical shafts, packaging machines and machine tools.

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  • B Series Magnetic Particle Brakes

    B Series Shaft Mounted Magnetic Particle Brakes give operators exactly what they want: high-quality, dependable performance with no headaches. The magnetic particle brake is an inherently simple, durable device. They are easy to install, made of rugged cast iron for long life and have minimal moving parts, meaning the brakes can be mounted and start performing immediately.
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  • MAGPOWR SOFSTEP® Magnetic Particle Clutches and Brakes

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  • MAGPOWR Foot Mounted Magnetic Particle Brakes

    Transform your reliable, durable, foot-mounted MAGPOWR C Series Clutches into brakes with the addition of a simple locking bracket. The unit can be adapted by installing a locking bracket on an existing foot-mounted clutch, or by simply ordering a factory-converted unit.

    LB-1 / C-1
    LB-3 / C-3
    LB-10 / C-10
    LB-50 / C-50
    LB-100 / C-100

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  • MAGPOWR Global Series Brakes

    Versatility and flexibility are the real benefits found in MAGPOWR’s Global Series Magnetic Particle Brakes, as they provide smooth, repeatable, controllable torque independent of speed. This makes them suitable for all kinds of power transmission and tensioning applications. Sizes are available from 5.5 to 325 lb-ft of torque.

    This line of brakes features state-of-the-art magnetic particle technology and its compact size is due to through-bores on all machined housings for ease of mounting. The M (Metric) series boasts full metric bores and keyways, as well as metric mounting hardware and setscrews to support international design requirements. The brakes are also available as 24 vdc or 90 vdc.

    Models available by Rated Torque:
    GBA: 7.5 Nm (5.5 lb-ft)
    GBB: 14 Nm (11 lb-ft)
    GBC: 35 Nm (26 lb-ft)
    GBD: 75 Nm (56 lb-ft)
    GBE: 135 Nm (100 lb-ft)
    GBF: 441 Nm (325 lb-ft)

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  • MAGPOWR PA-90 and PA-2 Power Amplifiers

    MAGPOWR’s PA-90 and PA-2 Power Amplifiers are designed to provide the extra current required for controlling magnetic particle brakes and clutches in any tension control application. For use with DIGITRAC II, EZ-Trac, or VERSATEC, the PA-90 and PA-2 can be mounted inside the control’s enclosure, and receives its control signals directly from the tension control.

    The PA-90 is used to control 90 VDC brakes and clutches only, while the PA-2 can be used to control either 24 or 90 VDC units. MAGPOWR’s power amplifiers also include reverse current circuitry as a standard feature, thus allowing greater controllability in the lowest torque range of the clutch or brake being operated.

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  • MAGPOWR DFP Follower Arm Sensor Positioners

    The Dancer/ Follower Arm Position Sensor is designed for use in Dancer Control applications. The DFP features a rugged cast, non-magnetic housing, water tight construction and easy mounting.

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  • MAGPOWR DFP2 Follower Arm Sensor Positioners

    The goal in dancer/follower arm applications is to utilize the dancer arm for increased accuracy in tension control, eliminating dependence on an operator and achieve automatic control of the braking torque on the unwind roll — resulting in constant web tension.

    MAGPOWR’s compact DFP-2 is perfect for use in dancer control applications with the MAGPOWR VERSATEC, and in dancer and follower arm applications with the Spyder and DFC-90. It offers the same exceptional sensing performance as the original DFP sensor, but in a lighter duty, low cost housing.

    The DFP-2 also includes a servo-type flexible coupling to allow for misalignment in shaft-to-shaft applications as well as 15 feet of shielded cabling for ease of installation. The DFP and DFP-2 use the same conductive plastic element to measure dancer and follower arm positions.

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  • MAGPOWR US-2 Ultrasonic Sensor

    Scrap is essentially waste, and waste represents reduced profits. An effective way to reduce scrap and therefore maximize profits is by increasing the accuracy and control of the web. MAGPOWR’s US-2 Ultrasonic Sensor used with VERSATEC control measures the diameter of the roll and allows your core and full roll alarms to be adjusted to give your operator proper notification before reaching the end of the roll. This fully automated ultrasonic tension control system allows you to reduce scrap by utilizing the entire roll on your web.

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