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  • Tidland Raptor Series Air Powered Lug Chucks

    Tidland’s Raptor Series Air Powered Lug Chucks are easy to use and maintain and help eliminate the core damage usually associated with shaftless applications. The Air Powered Lug Chuck is ideal for high-speed printing, laminating, sheeting applications on unwind flying or zero speed splicers and other shaftless unwind/rewind applications. Unlike other chucks, Tidland’s Raptor Series Air Powered Chucks offer on-machine maintenance and toolless adapter changes from 76.2 mm (3 inch) to 305 mm (12 inch) cores in less than 5 seconds.

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  • Tidland Raptor Series Torque Chucks

    Tidland’s shaftless Chucks are ideal for continuous-duty shaftless applications in corrugating, sheeting, paper finishing or laminating. The unique design is extremely robust, easy to maintain and core-friendly. Ease of removal and insertion improve overall throughput while reducing waste associated with jammed cores.

    Tidland’s Raptor Series torque chucks also offer unique ergonomic benefits to operators. Routine maintenance and core size changes can be made without removing the entire chuck from the machine, reducing downtime and the risk of injury due to heavy lifting. The toolless adapter allows users to switch core sizes in two steps, taking less than five seconds overall

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  • Tidland Force5 Lightweight Air Chucks

    Feather Light. Intense Grip. Incredibly Durable. Tidland’s Force5 air chuck offers the lightweight alternative to aluminum chucks at the lowest cost in the market. The Force5 can also take abuse in the toughest environments. The specially engineered polymer expanding element is not only designed for high durability in extreme conditions, but retains its shape over time for ease of insertion and removal. The Force5 are the lightest weight air chucks available and have the greatest gripping force with improved gripping during e-stop & high-torque applications. Paired with Tidland’s Ultrashaft carbon fiber air shafts or mandrels, you can safely change rolls from 76 mm (3 inch) to 152 mm (6 inch) ID cores.

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  • Tidland Air Chucks

    These rugged, high-torque air chucks have established a reputation for reliable, non-slip grip that delivers maximum roll control, and permits the running of machines at maximum speed. Air Chucks grip a wide area of the inside core wall with a firm, even pressure that prevents slippage and increases core life. Popular models and sizes from NimCor have been added to the Tidland offering, creating the industry’s largest selection of Air Chucks to suit any need.

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  • Tidland Automatic Lug Chuck

    Inexpensive and effective, Tidland’s Automatic Lug Chuck is designed specifically to meet the needs of narrow-web converters. This chuck features spring-loaded, torque activated expanding lugs for economical die cut and trim removal in narrow web applications.

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  • Tidland Roll Centering Leaf Shaft

    This narrow web shaft’s three-leaf design minimizes thin wall core deformation and improves roll quality. For rewinds, special centering ribs in-between expanding leaves position cores closer to the center of rotation, resulting in better-quality finished rolls.

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  • Tidland External Element Shaft and Core Holder

    Tidland’s Narrow Web Shafts were created specifically to meet the needs of narrow-web converters. These economical shafts are designed to fit any press — with cantilevered, drop-in, flange, and bar mounting styles available.

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  • Tidland D3 Differential Air Shaft

    With Tidland’s Equalizer Model D3 Differential Air Shaft, operators can run a variety of different roll widths with adjustable pressure all along the length at the same time. The Equalizer D3 is guaranteed to provide core positioning with adjustable air pressure without spacers or core stop setup. It’s designed for duplex center or surface winders for multiple roll tension equalization. When not covered by the core, tension elements mechanically lock in place to secure core position through the entire run. The D3 requires no tools for core stops, no core stop positioning. Use these air shafts and say “No” to tools, spacers, core shifts and waiting for core position setup.

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  • Tidland D2 Differential Air Shaft

    Tidland’s Model D2 Differential Air Shaft is designed for duplex center or surface winders, whether variable speed control or not. It is simple to set up, easy on the cores and reacts well to multiple roll tension equalization. Quick-to-position tooless locked core stops provide optimum control over roll quality and setup time.

    Bottom line is, operators can increase productivity by running varying roll sizes at one time with the help of Tidland’s most affordable differential air shaft

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  • Tidland D490 Differential Shaft

    D490 Differential Shafts hold rolls straight and true. Interchangeable cartridges allow you to determine how the shaft engages the core to best suit the material and core you’re running. Choose from a heavy gauge wire spring design (D490S) for fiber cores, or a 2-row, 12-ball, torque activated design (D490B) for fiber or PVC cores.

    The result is improved finished roll quality, reduced scrap and fast, easy setups for even the most sensitive materials. Because D490 Differential Shafts are manufactured in North America, Europe and China, they are easily sourced and supported worldwide. All components conform to Tidland’s high quality standards and are interchangeable regardless of where the shaft is installed.

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  • Tidland Great-Expansion Shaft

    Versatility is important for so many pieces of equipment, accessories and components, yet so few actually deliver. Tidland’s expansion shafts are specifically designed for applications where core size variation is common. Operators can adjust the core diameter of the shaft while it remains on the machine, eliminating the need to stock multiple shafts and drastically reducing setup time.

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  • Tidland Spiral External Element Shaft

    Rewind Applications

    Series 850 takes our innovative two-piece expanding elements to a whole new level. The unique spiral design of the Series 850 provides a continuous 360º of radial grip and intrinsically equalized load distribution. These advanced shafts also feature a two-piece body design, self retraction, durable poly bladder, and a fail-safe multi-circuit air system, with check valves to ensure that a loss of air in one element will not affect the expansion and performance of the other elements.

    The Series 850 Spiral Strip Shaft is designed for medium to heavy-duty in 75 mm (3 inch) to 406 mm (16 inch) ID cores. The spiral strip design of this shaft minimizes vibration to deliver smoother operation and higher speeds. It’s an ideal choice for surface winders or with lay-on rolls.

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