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  • Harper Scientific Ceram Clean ll™

    The perfect solution for a dirty problem. Anilox roll cleaner for water based, UV, and solvent Inks.

    The Anilox Roll Cleaner – CeramClean II™ – will effectively & efficiently remove dried ink from the engraving without damaging the cell structure on ceramic and chrome cylinders. It will remove Water, UV and most Solvent based inks and in most instances will remove those tough stains found on the roll face.

    CeramClean II™ is available in 2 Packs (2 -16 oz. bottles, 8 Packs (8-16 oz. bottles), 1 Gal. Tub, 5 gal container and 55 gal drums.

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  • Harper Corporation XLT™ Anilox Roll

    The XLT™ digital technology was developed for precisely transferring thin ink films with micron accuracy.  We recommend and guarantee that when you work with the strongest, thinnest film of ink, you will get the best ink mileage, best print quality, easiest impression set-up, and you’ll get it at the most consistent levels possible.

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  • Harper Corporation XVR™ Anilox Roll

    The XVR™ digital technology was developed for precisely transfering thin ink films with micron accuracy. We recommend and guarantee that when you work with the strongest, thinnest film of ink, you will get the best ink mileage, best print quality, easiest impression set-up, and you will get it at the most consistent level possible.

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  • Brodbeck Core Cutter UNI1000

    The name of the UNI 1000 says it all: This is a universally applicable solution for small to medium sized batches with frequently changing tube diameter. The machine cuts cardboard tubes up to 1050 mm length and with diameters ranging from 25 to 150 mm. The tube is simply inserted, and the UNI 1000 adjusts to the diameter. There is no need to change the tool set. The required cut section length and piece number are programmed using a touch panel. The clear pictograms depicting the specially developed control software simplify operation and permit rapid familiarization. After starting the fully automatic cutting process, laser-controlled circular blade positioning ensures precise division of the tube. The cut sections are finally automatically ejected. The universal application makes for extreme flexibility and outstanding time savings, and the ideal combination of reliable design with innovative electronic controls and easy-to-master operation all combine to make the UNI 1000 the ideal choice.

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  • OMM-Marchetti ORION 45 Plate Cleaner

    Photopolymer Plate cleaning machine

    This machine has been conceived to clean clichés in photopolymer after the printing.
    This process involves the whole clearing of any kind of ink from the plate, the rinsing and the drying, which makes the cliché ready to be stored. The machine is a strong unit with tank in PVC and internal parts in stainless steel. It is finished with acid resistant paint. A microprocessor computer controls the whole working cycle: washing, rinsing, drying, as well as the feeding speed. The machine has two tanks containing the washing liquid and the rinsing liquid respectively. Liquids are introduced into the tanks through pumps. The washing liquid and the rinsing water are constantly recycled and filtered, allowing to save in use and respect the environment. The machine is equipped with rollers that can be easily taken away and extractible filtering unit that is mounted on wheels to minimize the time for cleaning and assistance.
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  • Grafisk Maskinfabrik PNT160

    Semi-automatic Core Cutter

    The PNT160 Semi-automatic core cutter provides high precision feeding and cutting of cardboard cores of optional length and sizes at high speeds. Long experience in the manufacturing of core cutters has resulted in the development of a unique product giving high priority to service friendliness and production speed. The switch over from job to job is easily done within a few minutes. The core cutter is operated by a user-friendly touch display with graphic symbols. The PNT160 Semi-automatic core cutter automatically adjusts all machine operations to the selected core size and wall thickness.
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  • Teknek NWP Web Cleaner

    A versatile web cleaner proven around the world.

    The NWP is specifically designed to remove contamination from a moving web of material. The world’s top Flexo press producers already use this fully integrated contact-cleaning system. Available as a single- or double-side cleaner, this flexible system works for many applications and industries.

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  • PolyWest Rubin+ and Rubin Premium

    Plate mounting SLEEVES optimal for HD-Flexo printing…

    • on basis of the POLYWEST-Sleeve-Technology
    • with the POLYWEST-RUBIN®-Surface – well-proven and tested in flexo printing
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  • GEW ArcLED Hybrid UV Curing Systems

    TWO UV Curing Technologies
    ONE RHINO Power Supply

    ArcLED allows use of a conventional UV mercury arc lamp or  LED (light emitting diode) array on the same print unit. Both arc and LED cassettes are compatible with the same power supply and fit in the same housing for ease of change.

    The RHINO control enables any combination of curing technologies to be used on the same press.

    Future proof UV technology

    GEW arc and LED systems can both be upgraded in the field to the hybrid solution or be supplied in this configuration from new.

    ArcLED enables hybrid, interchangeable UV curing on every print station, allowing the printer to use a combination of arc and LED technology seamlessly on the same press and to switch between arc and LED curing at will to suit process requirements and ink formulation.

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  • GEW NUVA2 UV Curing System

    Fully air-cooled UV curing system

    The NUVA2 UV curing system is the most effective UV technology for colour UV inkjet printing, as well as for high-speed coding, marking and serialisation.  NUVA2 are fully air-cooled UV curing systems. They are available in widths of up to 250cm (100in).

    RHINO embedded service technology continuously monitors the system, thus guarding against out-of-specification parameters that could result in an unplanned stoppage. GEW UV systems are engineered for operation in the most challenging conditions. They come with a 5-year warranty to avoid unexpected maintenance costs.

    With NUVA2 UV curing, your machine runs faster for longer, with less energy and no downtime.

    E2C systems are available with inert atmosphere curing. They can easily be upgraded to LED curing by using the same RHINO ArcLED electronic power supply.

    Where alternative products exploit conventional curing technologies that often neglect energy monitoring, GEW state of the art UV systems implement advanced UV lamphead technology associated with the most energy efficient power supplies. E2C RHINO systems come with the additional benefit of a comprehensive 5-year warranty unique in its industry.

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  • Ashe Opal Series

    Label Converting Lines

    A wide range of solutions are available from ASHE for the die cutting of blank or pre-printed labels. Single or multiple die cutting stations are available on the Opal with or without a re-registration system.

    Our servo controlled re-registration system is able to achieve tolerance levels of +/- 0.1mm on one, two or three stations.

    Other technologies such as de-laminating / re-laminating stations are available along with 100% camera inspection systems.  For the producers who look for continuous production, the machine can be supplied with our turret rewinder system, in either glue to core, or glueless configuration.

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  • Ashe Labelstock/Paper Slitter Rewinder

    Our Labelstock slitter rewinder is based on our Jade series of slitting machines.  With centre surface capabilities the machine is able to wind with individual rewind stations, a full width differential rewind shaft, or with an airshaft.  The shaftless or shafted rewinding system both utilise a linear tracking system away from the contact roller to give a perfect finished roll, in profile and tension.

    As with all ASHE machines, our vacuum roller is utilised on the machine to give us perfect tension isolation and does not scratch or deform the most sensitive of labelstocks.

    A range of options, such as automatic unloading systems are available on the machine with online roll wrapping, and weighing.  Other options such as knife positioning systems, web cleaners etc are all available on the machine.

    We are also able to produce a range of two drum surface winders, for paper mills and paper converters. We are able to produce such machines with rewind diameters of up to 1800mm.

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