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  • Grafisk Maskinfabrik HOTFB330

    HOTFB330 Standalone Hot Foil

    Hot stamping and embossing adds the final touch to labels. Gold or silver effects combined with embossing

    The GM type HOTFB330 is a 30 ton precision stamping machine for production of high quality labels. The machine can be used for foil stamping, embossing or one pass foil & embossing.

    The best way to impress consumers, is the right combination of quality and beauty, and this is where the FB330 flatbed hot stamp unit from Grafisk Maskinfabrik will help you out. The HOTFB330 is an innovative unit that will give your labels an impressive and unique look-and-feel. On the matter of the quality of hot stamping, flatbed is the best choice, and on the matter of beauty, the FB330 can add intricate details of gold, silver or even holograms to your labels.

    Furthermore, the HOTFB330 is not a one-trick-pony, it will do both hot foil and cold embossing to serve all your needs. Advanced features such as foil saver, servo-register and electronic temperature control & BST web-guide comes as standard.

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  • Grafisk Maskinfabrik DC350

    • NEW platform fully modular for added flexibility
    • Jumbo roll unwinder with integrated roll lift
    • Semi-rotary flexo
    • GM SmartLam Multilayer option
    • GM Automatic Slitting Station option
    • GM Turret option
    • STORCK rotary screen option for tactile labels
    • Web-advance for fast roll change
    • Runs inline with GM flat bed hotfoil
    • Fully customizable and upgradeable
    • Easy web access and maintenance
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  • Grafisk Maskinfabrik DC330 NANO

    Ultra Compact Converting

    Ultra compact, cost effective unit for lamination, die-cutting and slitting. As digital label printing continues to grow, label-printing houses are realizing the need for all inclusive digital printing systems that provide value adding features for producing fully finished labels. The DC330NANO offers the ideal solution. The DC330NANO offers unwind, self-adhesive lamination, semi-rotary die cutting and length slitting on a compact 1.3m x 1.4m platform. The unit is ideal as converter for a small digital press or as a backup to an existing finishing line. The unit can run either offline or inline.

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  • Grafisk Maskinfabrik LC330

    Compact Laser

    The LC330 is a compact, economic and fully digital laser finishing machine. Simply download the file from the pre-press department and the laser module is ready. The system can be fitted with an optional barcode reader for faster reload of existing jobs. The laser power ranges from 100-400 Watt (400-1000 Watt peak). It is possible to cut with different power levels on the same label. The standard LC330 has laser die, slitting and dual rewind. The unit is prepared for flexo varnish, spot varnish, lamination, cold foil and automatic knife box.

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  • Grafisk Maskinfabrik DC330 HYBRID

    Hybrid Laser and Semi-rotary Finishing

    The DC330HYBRID is the perfect solution for digitally printed webs. Simply download the file from the pre-press department and the laser module is ready. It fits an optional barcode reader for faster reload of existing jobs. The laser module is an independent module that can be retrofitted into any DC330. The laser power ranges from 100-400Watt (400-1000Watt peak). The standard DC330HYBRID configuration has flexo varnish, lamination, slitting and dual rewinding built in. The DC330HYBRID can be combined with GM’s automatic knife system for digital production.

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  • Grafisk Maskinfabrik DC330 MINIflex

    Compact Full Feature Converting

    The compact full feature choice. Powerful yet economic finishing line with the smart essential options like GM Automatic Slitting Station and turret rewinder.
    The flex is prepared for in-line operation with all major digital presses. The MINIflex adds full flexibility to the market-leading compact finisher DC330MINI.
    By adding a fully customizable section the MINIflex offers the widest possible portfolio of special features.

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  • Grafisk Maskinfabrik DC330 Mini

    Smart Compact Converting

    This latest generation of the digital label finishing machine has been redesigned and features new electronics, a newly-designed control panel and an updated user interface. Based on the DC330 platform designed and improved over 8 generations – the DC330MINI NEW has a strong and extremely proven background.

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  • Graymills H3000 Series

    Centrifugal Ink Pumps

    Centrifugal pump for use on mid and wide web flexo and gravure applications, especially those requiring more flow and/or higher print decks. Tri-rod construction and Teflon coating for easy clean-up. Optional Quick Demountable motor. ATEX and CE compliant models available. Fits in 5, 10, 20, and 30 gallon standard steel or stainless steel tanks.


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  • Graymills H2000 Series

    Centrifugal Ink Pump

    Centrifugal pump for use on narrow web, tape, tag, label, envelope, and smaller specialty presses. Tri-rod construction and Teflon coating for easy clean–up. Optional Quick Demountable motor. ATEX and CE compliant models available. High speed version, H2000H series, can be used for lifting heavier viscosity liquids to higher print decks and into chambered doctor blade systems that require more pressure. The H200H series delivers higher flow for top performance – for use on mid size flexographic and rotogravure presses. Fits in 2, 5, 10, 20, and 30 gallon containers in standard or stainless steel.


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  • Graymills PPS Ink Pumps

    For narrow web flexo and rotary screen applications, and light to heavy viscosity inks, coatings, and adhesives (including UV/EB), requiring flow rates of 1.5 GPM or less. If flow requirements are above 1 GPM, consider model PPL for slower running speed and longer tube life. Available with electric gear motor with electronic variable speed control (115/230 VAC) 50/60 Hz electric gear motor or variable speed air gear motor (28 CFM@80psig/792.9 LPM @ 5.4 bar).


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  • KDS Quantum Efficiency Management Systems

    Quantum Efficiency Management System was created specifically to aid front line print managers reduce waste, identify inefficiencies, improve shop floor productivity and help create an environment of lean manufacturing for printers. The Quantum Efficiency Management System aims to improve shop floor productivity and efficiency, a common challenge faced by printing companies today.


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  • KDS Vision Systems iTouch

    Web Inspection System

    The iSeries iTouch software upgrade is available for all iSeries products with motorised camera traverse.

    The additon of a 21.5” widescreen touch monitor, and an iTouch software upgrade takes the standard iSeries product to another level altogether.

    In additon to all the great features of the Standard iSeries software packaget, Multiple Positon Program, three different modes of Dynamic Scan programs and KDS’ unique Multiview make viewing all parts of the web extreamly efficient and helps reduce waste to an absolute minimum.


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