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  • MAGPOWR IPT Current to Pressure Transducer

    Space is always at a premium inside working machinery. MAGPOWR knows this well, and therefore constructed its IPT Current or Voltage to Pressure Transducer as a single-manifold design to surface mount inside a machine enclosure. It is designed to be mounted in any orientation with no affect on performance and offers multiple mounting options. The IPT can be mounted on standoffs through four provided mounting holes, or on a DIN 35 rail using the provided mounting clips, or in a customer supplied DIN 35 Modular Circuit Housing.

    Perfect for control applications, the IPT is ready to use right out of the box, requiring no calibration and providing superior response, accuracy, and flow characteristics. Versatile and easy to use, the IPT is an ultra-compact PC board level pressure controller that operates on 115/230 VAC and filtered dry shop air, and can accept either a current or voltage control input signal.

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  • MAGPOWR 9A22 Tension Meter

    Support to MAGPOWR 9A22 Tension Meter

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  • MAGPOWR IPT-E Current to Pressure Transducer

    MAGPOWR’s IPT-E Current to Pressure Transducer provides two benefits right out of the box: its single manifold design facilitates its small size, and the unit requires absolutely no calibration, so it’s ready-to-use immediately. Versatile and easy to use, the IPT-E provides superior response, accuracy, and flow characteristics, which are critical in precise tensioning applications. The unit operates on 115/230 VAC, normal dry shop air, and accepts a 4-20 ma control input signal.

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  • MAGPOWR 9A13 Output Meter

    Support for MAGPOWR 9A13

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    The MAGPOWR TR-5 Tension Readout is a device for measuring tension in a moving web, strand, wire or narrow tape. It uses either one or two MAGPOWR load cells and interconnection cables.

    This system can be used on any non-driven idler roll or at any position where the wrap angle of the web or strand does not change. Each load cell contains four foil type strain gages bonded to a sensing beam. These gages convert the load on the roll or sheave to an electrical signal. Within the TR-5, the signal from the load cells is amplified and displayed on the tension meter.

    The amplifier of the TR-5 has low drift and high linearity, with a gain control range of 8:1 and tare adjustment of 50%. An auxiliary 0 to 10 VDC, or 4 to 20 mADC output is provided for interfacing to other products or systems.

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  • MAGPOWR Digital Tension Meter

    A low-cost way to monitor tension output, the Digital Tension Meter (DTM) is perfect for applications where access to tension control parameters is not required. Operators can mount a control away from the web to get feedback on current web tension via a backlit display and illuminated digits. The DTM is encased in high-impact plastic to withstand demanding conditions. A sealed front panel meets industry-standard NEMA 4X/IP65 specifications for wash-down and dusty environments. This meter can be used with any tension sensor amplifier by reading the 0 to 1 mA meter output reference.

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  • MAGPOWR Perma-Tork Permanent Magnet Clutches and Brakes

    Smooth, precise control is the objective of all clutches and brakes, but few achieve one—never mind both—of these goals. MAGPOWR’s innovative Perma-Tork® permanent magnet clutches are capable of producing highly accurate, dependable torque, without the need of an external power source. The clutches (available in hysteresis or magnetic particle) use high energy, multi-pole magnets to establish lines of magnetic force that retard the motion of the center rotating disc, delivering smooth, precise control.

    Designed for long-lasting, reliable performance, Perma-Tork clutches are commonly used in light torque control applications, including tensioning, torque limiting, magnetic coupling and testing.

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  • MAGPOWR HEB250 High Efficiency Brake

    The MAGPOWR HEB250 pneumatic brake packs many powerful features into a compact design. Ideal for the demands of general converting and corrugating operations, the HEB produces higher torque at cooler brake pad temperatures. These cooler temperatures along with a thicker brake pad will ensure longer pad life to minimize downtime.

    The HEB is engineered for rugged environments, utilizing a single, ventilated cast iron rotor with a bi-directional flute design which allows for efficient cooling when used in either direction of rotation, a through bore and keyway design for easy mounting of the rotor to the brake shaft and an integrated set of caliper mounting brackets that can be mounted directly to the machine frame. These caliper mounting brackets are also an integral part of the safety guarding along with the caliper bodies to reduce the overall size of the brake.

    Web tension is accurately controlled by adjusting air pressure to the calipers, pushing brake pads against each side of the rotor to produce consistent brake torque.

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  • Cooling Options for MAGPOWR Clutches and Brakes

    Used under slip conditions, MAGPOWR Clutches and Brakes generate significant heat that must be dissipated. Often, that heat is dispersed via that model’s convection cooling ability. If the application exceeds the dissipation capacity of a convection cooled model, additional heat dissipation capacity can be achieved through the addition of MAGPOWR’s forced air or water cooled options. The addition of these accessories can increase the heat dissipation capacity by 300-500 percent.

    FORCED AIR COOLED: The air hood and blower assembly is a pre-assembled shroud that forces air from the blower through the clutch or brake. Forced air-cooling is particularly useful on applications having a low RPM unit. Factory assembled units with this option are designated by the letter “A” after the model number.

    WATER COOLED: In these units water is forced into the hollow rotor through a tube in the shaft and is returned through the shaft to the special water fitting or coupling. Water-cooled clutches and brakes are designated by the letter “W” after the model number. Water fittings must be ordered separately.

    FORCED AIR & WATER COOLED: The Forced Air and Water Cooled combo on a MAGPOWR unit gives maximum heat dissipation capacity. Factory assembled units with both options are designated by the letters “WA.”

    OVERSPEED CONTROL: An additional option to these cooling methods on rewinds is to use the ‘inverse diameter’ option available with some of our open loop and closed loop controllers. The controllers limit overspeed and thus heat as a rewind roll grows in diameter and the rpm slows.

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  • MAGPOWR Foot Mounted Magnetic Particle Clutch

    Given the scores of variables associated with any web processing operation, the last thing you want to worry about is a clutch. Thanks to the reliability and long life of the MAGPOWR C Series Magnetic Particle Clutch, an operator can mount this component, set it up and forget it. This magnetic particle clutch is cost-effective and provides silent operation, making it ideal for cycling and overload applications.

    This component features magnetic particles located inside the clutch between the O.D. of the rotor and the I.D. of the drive cylinder. With no current in the coil of this device, the particles are free to lie loosely between the rotor and the drive cylinder. When current is applied to the coil, it sets up a magnetic field in the stator. The magnetic particles line up with the magnetic field and couple the rotor to the drive cylinder. As the current is increased, the magnetic field increases and the coupling (or torque capacity) increases proportionally.

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  • MAGPOWR Global Series Clutches

    State-of-the-art magnetic particle technology featuring the latest materials and components, modern manufacturing techniques and a sleek design. MAGPOWR’s Global Series Clutches gives you all that and more.

    Smooth controllable torque, torque repeatability and torque independent of speed make these clutches suitable for many power transmission and tensioning applications. Long life is assured by polished seal surfaces, high temperature materials and rugged, compact construction.

    The clutch consists of two rotating members: the inner member is the rotor (output member, mounted on a rotating shaft) and the outer rotating member is the housing assembly (input member, driven by a gear, pulley or sprocket attached to the mounting rabbet provided on the side of the clutch housing). No couplings, mounting feet or other attachments are required, since the clutch becomes an integral part of your machine.

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  • MAGPOWR B-7V and B-20V Vertical Magnetic Particle Brakes

    Unlike other magnetic particle brakes, a horizontal axis is not required for shafts utilizing MAGPOWR’s B-7V & B-20V Vertical Magnetic Particle Brakes, thanks in particular to the unit’s disk-shaped rotor. Other brakes sport cylindrical designs, requiring a horizontal shaft axis. The B-7V & B-20V operate with the axis vertical, horizontal, or at any other required angle—the space between the rotor and the two sides is filled with magnetic particles, so the unit can be operated in any orientation.

    MAGPOWR’s B-7V & B-20V Vertical Magnetic Particle brakes, made of rugged cast iron for long life, are easy to install and have minimal moving parts, requiring very little installation and calibration. These brakes assist in smooth, repeatable torque that is proportional to current, and applications include tensioning of film rolls on vertical shafts, packaging machines and machine tools.

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