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  • Amut Bielloni Telia FSC – High Speed

    Model suitable for short or medium runs at high printing speed. Developed to print on any flexible materials and paper

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  • Ashe Diamond

    Diamond Duplex Rewinder

    The Diamond model has been designed to be a compact, cost effective solution whilst keeping production requirements in mind. The machine has been based on our renowned Sapphire range of machines, and therefore has the flexibility to be able to slit and rewind most products at high speeds.

    The machine is available in various configurations and all options within ASHE’s range are available to add onto the machine. The machine uses the ASHE vacuum roller technology and is hydraulic free, making it a total clean operation.

    The machine is supplied in a ‘one piece’ configuration, therefore making shipping and installation easy.

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  • Ashe Sapphire S2

    Sapphire S2 Slitter Rewinder

    The Sapphire S2 is the only choice for ease of operation, repeatability and minimal downtime. The machine is acclaimed for its versatility in being able to handle many different products, without any changes to the machine operation.

    Our vacuum roller technology is a key feature of the machine, which requires no operator setting or maintenance throughout the life of the machine. The machine is also a total electric operation, no hydraulics are used in the machine.

    The machine has a maximum running speed of up to 800m/min and can be equipped with many options for automation, which help in reducing setup times. It is also now available in three rewind diameter configurations, being 600mm, 800mm or 1000mm.

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  • Ashe Sapphire S2T Turret

    Sapphire S2T Turret Slitter Rewinders

    The Sapphire S2T is the choice for the converter that is looking for maximum productivity and minimum downtime. This is achieved by the machine continuing to run, whilst the operator (or machine) takes off the finished rolls and puts new cores onto the rewind shaft.

    The cycle time of the Sapphire S2T can be as low as 15 seconds and will automatically cut the web (at set length), and apply the new incoming web onto new cores.

    Once again, the Sapphire S2T utilises our vacuum roller technology, and most options for minimising job setups can be added to the machine to increase productivity further. It also features a unique shaft support system (for larger rewind diameters) where the rewind shafts remain fully supported through the turreting sequence.

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  • Enercon Corona Treatment: Blown Film

    Corona Treaters For Films

    Enercon’s blown film treater has been specifically designed to meet the needs of the standard blown film line head on. It is equipped with covered ground rolls and segmented stainless steel electrodes. A compact and simple construction allows for 2 sided and adjustable lane treating.  The electrode system provides simple, trouble-free air-gap adjustment. Add in its economical price and you have a system that fits into any budget. For applications requiring greater system performance learn more about our standard Covered Roll treaters.

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  • Enercon Corona Treatment: Ceramic Electrode for Films


    Corona Treaters For Films

    Enercon’s ceramic electrode corona treaters are designed for conductive and non conductive films in printing, coating, & laminating operations, as well as blown and cast film lines where lane treating is not required.

    High performance “H” system produces high definition, homogenous corona and the industry’s best insurance against backside treatment, film wrinkling and pinholing.

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  • Enercon Corona Treatment: Covered Roll Metal Electrode

    Corona Treaters For Films

    Enercon’s covered roll corona treaters are specifically designed for blown and cast film lines, and non-conductive film converting applications.

    Whether you’re adding a corona treater to an existing line or specifying a treater for your newest line, Enercon’s engineering team will customize a treating solution to meet your unique requirements.

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  • Enercon Corona Treatment: Power Supplies

    Enercon expertly matches its power supplies with its surface treaters to optimize system performance for your specific application. Our leading power supply technology is based on over 35 years of power supply design and manufacturing. New power generator interface options for these systems provide tremendous installation savings and improved productivity.

    These ultra-reliable power supplies rely on the latest IGBT technology and are loaded with features that optimize productivity for any output requirement. Choose from the Compak™ 2000 and Compak™ 2000 Deluxe for applications requiring an output up to 15kw. Select the high performance Compak 9000™ for applications from 5-100kw. Both systems provide a 30 to 1 turndown ratio and broad load matching. Their universal design allows them to be used with any Enercon surface treater or other competitive system on the market today.

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  • Enercon Flame Plasma for Webs

    High Velocity Flame Treatment with Advanced Control

    Ideal for cleaning & increasing surface energy of films, foils and paperboard

    Enercon Flame Treaters feature a unique high velocity power burner for highly effective and long lasting treatment. Superior web handling and advanced combustion control options ensure reliable and repeatable treatment results.

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  • Enercon PlasmaReady


    Enercon’s exclusive PlasmaReady™ Upgrade Program is designed to meet your future desire to upgrade your planned corona treater purchase to a variable chemistry Plasma3™ Atmospheric Plasma Treating System. Upgrading your purchase with Enercon’s PlasmaReady™ will reduce the future cost of system changeover to plasma.

    For a nominal investment, Enercon can design your corona treater station to be retrofittable for treating a wide range of substrates using our exclusive Plasma3™ atmospheric plasma treatment technology. As new materials challenge production processes, Plasma3™ technology will keep you on the leading edge by enhancing the surface energy and treatment longevity of the most challenging substrates.

    The Enercon PlasmaReady™ Upgrade includes the required station frame size modifications, as well as station preparation for variable chemistry control. When you ultimately upgrade your station to generate plasma treatment, you will realize the following benefits:

    • Higher Treatment Levels
    • Long-Lasting Surface Activation
    • Elimination of Pin-Holing
    • No Ozone is Produced
    • “Cold Flame” with Controlled Chemistry
    • Surface Morphologies Unaffected
    • Construction to any Production Width
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