Plate Mounting

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  • JM Heaford Mounter Post Print Flat Table 2CS

    Post Print Corrugated Plate Mounting and Proofing

    A comprehensive range of machines for handling plate mounting for Post print corrugated applications for use in either a flexo plate making house supplying corrugated customers or in the pre-press section of a corrugated printing plate.

    • The machines are designed for simple, accurate and efficient mounting using cameras and register marks on the plates.
    • Machines are available for both types of mounting – flat or ‘in the round’. Three of the machines have motor driven camera positioning systems with motion control on both axes and the fourth is a reduced specification machine with manually positioned cameras and motorised positioning for the y axis.
    • The three machines with full motion control (‘in the round’ mounter proofer, Flat Table with Proofing and Flat Table 2CS) can be set up manually via the operator interface or to accept coordinate download files from pre-press software systems supplied by Esko and by Kodak. Coordinate information is stored for each job and can be recalled if there is a need to remount the job or repair an existing job. The more manual machine (Flat Tabel 2CE) does not have data storage capability and each job is set up manually via a written coordinate ‘lay sheet’.
    • The machines are equipped with an enhanced digital vision system offering a range of target formats, digital image enlargement (optical magnification is 50x) video image recording and other features.
    • The two models with proofing systems are gearless and both use electronic systems to control register and servo motors to drive the drums for proofing. We recommend the use of water based acrylic inks and high quality coated proofing paper to prepare an accurate proof. The servo drive systems enable the print length to be adjusted if required although the quality will diminish as a result. Proofing inks are applied using a rubber hand roller. If box layouts are required they can be plotted elsewhere beforehand on the proofing paper and mounted on the proofing drum.
    • The machines are constructed using top quality components – Siemens PLC, Bosch Rexroth drives, Festo pneumatics. The three motion control models are fitted with digital Ethernet modems for remote management and update when required.
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  • JM Heaford Wide Web Microdot Plate Mounting – 2CS

    A market leading plate mounter has to meet several objectives – high level of repeatable accuracy; reliability; ease of use and speed. Strength of construction, accuracy of machining and design/component selection feature heavily in achieving the first two objectives.

    • Ease of use and speed are achieved through intelligent design of the machine layout and control system. The 2CS Cobra from J M Heaford ltd meets all of these objectives without compromise.
    • The machine in standard format has twin moving cameras powered by linear motors and an ultra -precise measuring system with repeatable accuracy of + / – 1 micron. The cameras are fixed focus units and move on a servo motor driven support beam for fully automatic camera beam positioning.
    • The sleeve mandrel is fixed rigidly in the high strength deflection resistant frame and supported at the opening end by a powered raise/lower headstock to give access to the mandrel for sleeve changeover. Different mandrel adaptors are available as are couplings to supply air to those step up adaptors which have side wall air feeds.
    • The mounter features two auto positioning 100x magnification colour digital camera assemblies. The cameras are moved to positions pre-recorded in the mounter database by linear motors with positional feedback provided by linear encoders attached to each camera assembly. The mounter uses a 27” touch screen displaying both camera images on a single screen.
    • A combination of (optional) rear plate support table and pneumatically actuated pressure roller allow the operator to attach the plate to the stickyback without having to apply the contact pressure by hand. Mandrel rotation is via foot pedal and a second footpedal controls the rear table.
    • For customers who apply stickyback to sleeves circumferentially and who use the mounter for this we can offer two types of application holder for the tape roll – one with an integral pressure roller and one without. Both these applicators can also be supplied on a standalone sleeve dedicated tape and plate work station to increase the work flow through the mounter.
    • Our highly successful plate cutter is also available as an option on this machine.
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  • JM Heaford Mid & Wide Web Microdot Plate Mounting – Manual Cameras

    Manual Cameras

    The sleeve dedicated mounter from J.M. Heaford meets all objectives without compromise. Construction strength, machining accuracy, design and component selection feature heavily in achieving the first two objectives. Ease of use and speed are achieved through intelligent design of the mounter.

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  • JM Heaford Mounter Sleeve Dedicated 2CM+

    Mounter Sleeve Dedicated – Mid & Wide Web – Moving Camera

    2CM+ – Includes position control to the cameras, camera beam and mandrel drive.

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  • JM Heaford Plate Mounters Flexible Packaging AutoMounter

    A fixed mandrel flexographic plate mounting machine accurate and quick mounting of flexo plates directly onto sleeves.

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  • JM Heaford Label Automounter

    The configuration of the AutoMounter takes a radical and innovative approach to the conventional with the cylinder mounted above the cameras and printing plate manipulators. This provides the operator with unparalleled access to the cylinder to complete all preparatory and post mounting operations whilst maintaining a modest machine footprint.

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  • JM Heaford Narrow Web Video Plate Mounting

    Standard Table Mounter

    Accurate plate mounting, achieving perfect register, is an essential requirement enabling a printer to produce high quality products and increased press productivity

    • Proven design with excellent reliability
    • Models for cylinders or sleeves
    • Two 50x magnification colour digital inspection cameras
    • Illuminators for easy location of the registration marks
    • Versatile configurations
    • Can be used for both flexo and letterpress plates
    • Tool less operation
    • Industrial grade fan-less computer
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  • JM Heaford Flexo Web Video Plate Mounting

    Flat Table Mounter

    Perfect register by fast and accurate plate mounting is essential to produce high quality print and maximise press productivity, particularly with short run work.

    • Market leading innovative design
    • Reduces mounting time
    • Rapid return on investment
    • Proven design working globally
    • Two 50x magnification colour digital inspection cameras
    • Vacuum table to hold the plates in place
    • Hands free, bubble free plate application
    • Cylinder and sleeve versions
    • Two motorised camera option available
    • Vision System with industrial grade fan-less computer
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