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  • Harper Corporation XDW™ Anilox Roll

    The XDW™ engraving was developed for heavy pigment inks and coatings. These engravings deliver the highest opacity white inks and smooth lay down  by utilizing customized digital graphic format.

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  • Enercon Corona Treatment: CoronaFlex™

    Improving ink adhesion has never been easier with the new CoronaFlex™ corona treater. It is specifically designed for high speed flexographic presses and versatile digital printing applications.

    Corona treaters increase the surface energy of label stock to improve wettability and adhesion of inks and adhesives.

    CoronaFlex™ offers OEMs and printers powerful and reliable corona treatment through a compact footprint, intuitive operator interface and industry leading application expertise.

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  • Enercon Flame Plasma for Webs

    High Velocity Flame Treatment with Advanced Control

    Ideal for cleaning & increasing surface energy of films, foils and paperboard

    Enercon Flame Treaters feature a unique high velocity power burner for highly effective and long lasting treatment. Superior web handling and advanced combustion control options ensure reliable and repeatable treatment results.

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  • Brodbeck Core Cutter TWIN 4-2500 P2/S3

    For burr-free cutting of cardboard tubes and soft plastic cores. The machine design is extremely sturdy, guaranteeing optimum performance coupled with extreme operating simplicity and a long service life.
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  • Brodbeck Core Cutter CombiCut B

    For burr-free cutting of cardboard tubes and soft plastic cores.

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  • Brodbeck Core Cutter CombiCut A

    For burr-free cutting of cardboard tubes and soft plastic cores.

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  • Brodbeck Core Cutter UNI1000A

    Multi ID core cutter UNI 1000 A with automatic infeed. For burr-free cutting of cardboard tubes with different diameters on the same cutting mandrel.

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  • Graymills MegaMag™ Filter Magnets

    For Superior protection against anilox scoring/damage.

    A rare earth magnet in a smooth stainless steel casing, with 10x the pulling power of a standard magnet; megaMAG™ is able to attract metal particles from within the filter body or ink tank. Unlike other rare earth magnets, megaMAG’s domed end design with no crevices releases particles easily when cleaning.

    megaMAG™ is available for use in Graymills Superflo® filters HFST and HFNT or on an adjustable bracket (C-37327 or mini-megaMag bracket C-38745) for placing inside a tank or pail. Also available for use in DDFSFST and DDPSFNT surge suppressor filters. Retrofits to all existing Superflo® filters and surge suppressors.

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  • Graymills Ink Pump Mixers

    Take variables out of your printing process. Keep your color and viscosity more consistent with a full line of mixers from Graymills. These in-tank mixers keep inks properly blended, which is especially important for users of diaphragm or peristaltic pumps.

    Small tank mixers fit 2 and 5 gallon containers. They are available with air motors. Can be mounted to optional lid. Also available to fit in 10, 20 and 30 gallon round tanks.

    Mixers for 55 gallon drums are available side or lid mounted. These mixers use piston-powered air motors that run steadily at low RPM for gentler mixing, using less air and reducing noise. These mixers are designed to assure mixing throughout the container, even into corners, eliminating dead spots and changes in viscosity or color density. Most units are also available with traditional vane-style motors, which provide higher mixing speeds.

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  • Graymills Superflo® Ink Filters & Surge Suppressors

    Graymills Superflo® filters are specially designed for flexographic and gravure ink systems, providing effective filtration to eliminate quality problems from contaminants that can also damage costly anilox rolls. Sizes for all printing applications. Filters are available standard (models HFLT/HFST/HFNT) or as surge suppressors (models DDPSFST/DDPSFNT).

    Superflo® ink filters are designed to overcome the typical pressure drop and reduced ink flow due to clogging that occurs with ordinary filters. A permanent magnet (optional rare earth megaMAG available) suspended over the intake port traps ferrous particles which find their way into the ink and diffuses the flow outward into the filter screen flutes. Filtered material is trapped on the inside of the removable/reusable stainless steel filter cartridge. To clean, just remove the cartridge. All contaminants come out with it. Graymills Superflo® filters are self-draining – no wasted ink or messy leftovers.

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  • Graymills Double Diaphragm Ink Pumps

    For applications requiring controlled flow rates from a trickle to 40 gallons per minute. Especially suited to the requirements of bottom printing corrugated lines, where a single pump provides both supply and suction return.

    These pumps operate by the movement of two flexible diaphragms which move back and forth, alternately filling and emptying two chambers. Flow is controlled with the air inlet valve, which then determines pump speed. A variety of applications are possible because the pump’s inlets and outlets can be configured in different ways, such as “one-in one-out”, “1-to-1”, “two-in two-out”, or “2-to-2”. In the 1–to-1 option, one color is sent to the deck. In the “ 2-to-2” configuration, you can deliver one material and also draw it back, or deliver two inks to two different decks. Diaphragm pumps do have a pulsating flow and are best use with a Graymills surge suppressor/filter.

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  • Graymills H4000 Series

    Centrifugal Ink Pumps

    Centrifugal pump for high flow, high decks, on flexo, and gravure webs over 60 inches (1.5m) wide. For viscosities exceeding 40 sec. use either a 3/4hp electric motor or #4 air motor. Optional Quick Demountable motor. ATEX and CE compliant models available. Fits in 10, 20, and 30 gallon tanks.

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