Fife Kantiroller Steering Guides

Durable and versatile, the Symat 50 electromechanical offset pivot guide is engineered to accommodate web widths up to 533 mm (21 inches) wide and tensions up to 623 N (140 lbs). This guide is ideal for edge, line, or center guiding applications where short entry and exit spans are required.

Built for long-lasting, reliable operation, the Symat 50 delivers fast response for highly accurate web positioning This guide is available with standard roller faces of 203 mm (8 inches) to 610 mm (24 inches). Optional Servo-Center provides automatic guide centering to speed the setup and threading process.

Kantiroller Steering Guides provide web position correction by bending the web through a long entering span. These innovative guiding assemblies provide immediate lateral correction for transient errors, while at the same time compensating for the web’s steady state errors.

Powered either with an electromechanical actuator or hydraulic cylinder, Kantiroller Steering Guides are built durable for high-load capacity. Features include a single cast base, hardened racerod supports, and low-friction ball bushings. All guides are available with either single or double rollers.


Key Features

  • Ideal for applications for the label press industry
  • Electromechanical or hydraulic system operation
  • Fast, accurate web positioning for web widths up to 305 mm (12 inches)
  • Low-friction ball bushings and racerod supports
  • Durable construction for low maintenance and long-lasting reliability
  • Compatible with all standard Fife sensors and web guide controllers
  • Optional Servo-Center available to speed setup and threading
  • Custom designs are available upon request


  • Guide Correction23 mm
  • Minimum Entry Span279 mm
  • Maximum Entry Span610 mm
1 Roller
  • Roller Diameter Maximum51 mm
  • Roller Face Maximum160 mm200 mm250 mm
  • Maximum Tension200 N
2 Rollers
  • Roller Diameter Maximum51 mm
  • Roller Face Maximum250 mm
  • Maximum Tension151 N


KLB-R1/L1 and KLB-R2/L2
  • Guide Correction38 mm
  • Maximum Tension133 N
  • Minimum Entry Span686 mm
  • Maximum Entry Span1,524 mm
  • Maximum Face Length279 mm
Roller Diameter Maximum
  • 1 Roller102 mm
  • 2 Rollers57 mm
KA-R1/L1 and KA-R2/L2
  • Guide Correction38 mm
  • Maximum Tension334 N
  • Minimum Entry Span686 mm
  • Maximum Entry Span1,524 mm
  • Maximum Face Length406 mm
Roller Diameter Maximum
  • 1 Roller127 mm
  • 2 Rollers76 mm