Fife Pneumohydraulic Power Units

Fife Pneumohydraulic Power Units are specifically designed for web guiding, providing superior response and control with fully proportional corrective action. Power units are equipped with our exclusive four-way, spool-type servo valve to deliver unmatched sensitivity and stability in guiding applications for all types of materials, at any speed, under any load.

Completely self-contained, these Pneumohydraulic Power Units have a built-in regulated air system with a pump, filters, and regulator, as well as their own hydraulic reservoir, pump, filter and relief valve. External air is not required. Pneumohydraulic power units can be supplied with one, two or three servo valves on a single power unit. One power unit simultaneously, yet independently, can handle up to three separate guiding operations. For more than three guiding operations, a combination of power units may be used.


Key Features:

  • Provides superior response and control for any web guiding application
  • Exclusive spool-type servo valve for additional sensitivity and stability
  • For use with Fife electronic sensors and web guide controllers
  • Units are furnished complete with hydraulic fittings and cables
  • Electrical cables are multi-conductor shielded cables
  • They are encased in polyvinyl chloride to withstand acids, alkalis, oil, flame, moisture, solvents, and fungus
  • Totally enclosed, or explosion proof motors are both available
  • Compact, modular construction minimizes exterior tubing and provides maximum ease of servicing



  • Linearity 1.5% nominal maximum error
  • Plane Change 1.5% nominal maximum error
  • Temperature Drift 5 to 50˚ C
  • Power Requirements 10 to 15 VDC at 30 mA
  • Output Signal 0 to 10 mA
  • Weight 140 grams
  • Temperature Range 0 to 50˚ C