Schlumpf USA MRH-300/500 Manual Roll Handler

Manual Portable Roll Handlers

The MRH portable manual roll handling machines are used to lift and turn rolls by the core for palletizing, transporting and loading. They are manually powered to simplify operation.


MRH-300/500 Manual Roll Handler

With its low cost, maneuverable compact design, and multiple tooling options the MRH series is a safe, cost effective and adaptable solution for many lifting applications.

Schlumpf’s MRH series of portable manual handling machines is a versatile tool for many lifting applications. Designed for portability, ease of use and affordability, the MRH gives operators a safe, cost effective alternative to “manhandling” valuable products.

The MRH can be combined with a wide variety of tooling and lifting attachment options such as universal roll handling mandrels, spreader bars, lifting eyes, cradle platforms as well as custom designs. With its quick change tooling feature, lifting attachments can be changed without the need for tools. The self locking mechanical lifting system makes raising and lowering loads up to 500 lbs fast and easy.


Best Use


MRH-300/500-PT Lifting, Turn & Transporting Rolls By the Core. Custom options available. 300 lbs (136 kg)* to 500 lbs (227 kg)*