Tronics S1000

The Tronics S1000 stand alone labeler with mobile stand for overhead or side application. Top and Side application, mobile, robust. Can be converted from left to right and vice versa and can be converted to overhead and underapply. Flexible.


Dispensing speed
Maximum 30m/min
Minimum 5m/min
Label reel core size 76mm inside diameter
Label reel outside diameter 335 maximum
Label size vertical 15mm – 215mm
Label size horizontal 20mm – 999mm
Label gap size minimum 2.5mm
Label stop accuracy +/- 0.5mm (on dispensing edge)
Right and left labelling heads


Height adjustment side 870mm – 1185mm
Height adjustment overhead 900mm – 1050mm
Horizontal adjustment 0mm – 150mm
Tilt adjustment +/- 8 degrees



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