Tronics 3A Heavy Duty Label Applicator

Off the shelf solution for a wide range of product identification and labelling.


Tronics Series 3 Pressure Sensitive Labelling Systems

The Series 3 Premier pressure sensitive labeling machine is Tronics’ flagship decorating equipment. Having evolved over two decades, it is by far the best value on the market today when it comes to in-line pressure sensitive labeling machines.

Series 3 Premier Labelers come in standard, medium, and high speed configurations. They can apply front, back, wrap around, top, and bottom labels and have a proven track record across all of the major packaging industries.

Series 3 Premier Pressure Sensitive Labeling Systems

Series 3 Front, Back, Wrap Around Labeling Machines
Examples of different shaped containers
that the Series 3 Labeling Machines can run

Quick Product and Label Changeover

Tronics Series 3 label equipment is extremely user friendly and quick to set up physically when changing products and labels.

The conveyor rails as well as modules such as; the label head(s), wrap around belt, backing pad for wrap, overhead product hold down, and product aligning chains, all have tool – less adjustments and quick reference rulers beveled right on the shafts.
The tool-less adjustment not only speed up changeover but the gradient ruled shafts help to assist the operator in setting up the labeler physically by giving them a reference point.

The beveled shafts prevent the rules from wearing off and they are far more cost effective to use over the lifetime of the machine than the digital detent indicators which are an expensive wear item



Dispensing speed
Maximum 30m/min
Minimum 5m/min
Label reel core size 76mm inside diameter
Label reel outside diameter 335 maximum
Label size vertical 15mm – 215mm
Label size horizontal 20mm – 999mm
Label gap size minimum 2.5mm
Label stop accuracy +/- 0.5mm (on dispensing edge)
Right and left labelling heads
Height adjustment side 870mm – 1185mm
Height adjustment overhead 900mm – 1050mm
Horizontal adjustment 0mm – 150mm
Tilt adjustment +/- 8 degrees